Tuesday, October 5, 2010

8 months later.....

Well! I guess you could say I've slacked. I have no excuses, and piles of pictures (figuratively speaking) sitting around needing to be posted. I've been busy, what with getting engaged, married, buying a house, and getting pregnant since my last post. Hurray!

But moving on, I'm going to try to post and go through a lot of pictures I have laying around here. While I promise to do better with exact recipes in the future, the following are mostly going to be a picture-heavy catalog of some of the stuff I cooked and took pictures of over the last few months. There have been a lot of salads as of late, so I think this baby might be a rabbit. Or just like healthy food.

Here we go to get started! I give you, Salami/Tomato/Lettuce sandwich on Rye!

Not sure a recipe would be necessary, but this baby was literally just:

Dijon mustard
Horseradish (just horseradish, no evil cream or other junk added)
Jalapeno Jack Cheese
Butter Lettuce
White Onion

Yesssssss! And one more while we're at it:

Yes sir, here we have:

More Rye bread
More Jack Cheese
Lots more white onion
Sliced pickle instead of tomato and lettuce
Butter instead of Horseradish

Sandwiches have been under-rated in my life recently, and I'm making to change that.

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