Sunday, October 10, 2010

Food not cooked by me!

As this blog evolves into more than what I just make at home, I think I'm going to start including all kinds of food--food I have at really nice places, at really cheap places, food I make at home by using the microwave, what I think about food in general, etc. To start things off, a few weeks ago the husband and I went to the Cliff House in San Francisco with my visiting parents. It was pricey and mostly non-disappointing. But. I wish I would stop trying to order fish stews (and all varieties thereof)--I never like them and I keep trying (excuse the Hipstamatic iPhone fun):

 This was smoked trout and arugula. It was heavenly:

The oysters on the halfshell. Kumamotos. Never disappointing, every delicious bite. And yes, when I finished, I chugged the vinegar:

Heirloom tomato and mushroom appetizer. It was good but it was trying too hard:

 This was actually my favorite item (ok, second to the oysters), which is saying a lot, considering I am not a sweets/dessert person. It was a lemony creamy little cake thing with berries and a perfect non-too-sweet sauce:

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