Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bean thread noodles with shrimp and cabbage

Delicious. Looking at this picture, I can't believe I haven't made this again recently. Without further adieu:

It's stunning, I know. I'll get to the "recipe" in a moment, but you may be asking yourself how such an amazing creation came to be. Perhaps you need an in-progress shot to help clarify matters:
And there it is. This came to be in a wok:

Shredded cabbage. What I do is shred the whole head, salt it, and keep it in a sealed casserole dish in the fridge for a couple days first. Then add about half the cabbage or less to this wok.
Chopped white onion
Chopped garlic, lots
Butter, lots

Let that saute until everything is soft, but not browning.
Add shrimp (cooked, but not warmed)

Separately, prepare bean thread noodles (I love these, there will be a separate post coming on these) by soaking in water until soft. Throw in to the wok.

Let everything get cuddly and warm with everything else, and serve. This is such a tasty, warming, and pleasing dish.

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