Friday, February 5, 2010

Cold shrimp and tangerine salad

This salad was a huge hit at home, and we both ate more than our one serving. It's going into regular rotation, I do believe:

I didn't have a concrete recipe I could tell you for this one, but roughly:

A few cups of fresh raw spinach
A few cups of medium sized shrimp, de-veined and washed and dried and cold
A couple sticks of hearts of palm (jarred, Trader Joes)
3 or 4 tangeries, cut up into individual pieces
2 cloves raw and crushed garlic

For the dressing, I did olive oil, balsamic, a sprinkle of the tangerine juice, and some of that garlic. The rest of the garlic I threw into the salad. The flavor combinations of the tangerines, shrimp, and garlic were heavenly.

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