Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Turkey Bolognese (ish) and a disclaimer

What does one do when they are swept up into a new way of eating, but their husband is like "meh, I'll kinda do it with you, but I like all foods thank you" ? They devise and scheme up new dinners where one half of the couple can eat like a happy cavewoman and the other half can gorge like modern man and they both can live happily ever after.

Disclaimer: I'm excited for my new diet. It probably shows. I'm down a healthy amount of poundage and I feel good. But I don't want to turn my little blog into a religiously Paleo type thing. It's working for me and I believe it will continue to work for me until I am happy with my weight again. At that point, like I've said, I may have the occasional burrito after a big workout. I can tell you I'll never go back to my old ways again though. Having said my piece.....

Turkey Bolognese!

My favorite start to anything I make: Onions sauteeing in a little oil.

Did I say that was my favorite? Add in some fresh garlic and ground turkey...

Throw in some red chili flakes, salt, pepper, saute and saute and saute....

Throw in a large can of organic choppoed tomatoes or tomato sauce and some frozen spinach...and voila! The husband can top this over a bowl of pasta and throw on some cheese, while I can pour this into a bowl and eat it while making happy grunting sounds. Everyone wins!

Turkey Bolognese

1 pound ground turkey
1 large white onion
3-5 cloves garlic, crushed
1 large can crushed tomatoes
1/2 to 3/4 bag frozen organic spinach
Liberal amount of red chili flakes
Salt, pepper, olive oil for sauteeing

Use a  little olive oil to coat the pan, add your onion, some salt, and saute until soft. 

Add your turkey, your garlic, a touch more salt, and let brown a little. 

After the turkey has mostly browned, add in the remaining ingredients and bring up to almost a boil. 

Turn the heat down to low, cover, and saute for up to an hour on low heat to let all the flavors come together. 

I recommend eating it as is!

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