Thursday, March 1, 2012

Speaking of grilling and summer!

Is there any finer thing? I'm going through pictures deciding what to blog about, and I'm re-inspired by lower carb goodness (just ignore that red wine there, you!). There is nothing tastier and more satisfying than a fresh steak grilled to just barely rare (what can I say, I like it bloody) with a side of fresh grilled veg. We took two steaks here, though we probably should have just split one, and salted, peppered, and grilled. Nothing else to it! I took mine off in probably 10 minutes, the hubby probably almost twice that. We grilled the asparagus on foil for about the same time and with the same toppings: salt, pepper, little bit of olive oil. It really leaves you feeling like you've eaten something delicious and healthy and light. MMMMMM.

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