Friday, March 2, 2012


Ever since I discovered that Trader Joe's was carrying cheap, 100% corn taco shells, we've started adding taco night to the regular rotation. Here are two recent successes:

For these, I just took about a third bag of TJ's frozen thighs, microwaved them per the instructions (seriously! this needs to be a whole separate blog entry), and shredded them.


1 small red onion
Homemade guacamole (I go really simple on this -- a couple fresh avocados, mashed with salt, pepper, lemon, and fresh garlic. Done)
Shredded mozarella cheese (it was what we had on hand, probably not my first choice, but good)

Topped them with some splashed of TJ's habanero sauce (I swear I don't work for them).

Perfect little dinner--made about 6 tacos and some leftovers for salad.

THEN, we made these:

Almost too pretty to eat. I was making pasta sauce with ground beef, and had a little extra beef leftover. So I just browned it up with a clove or so (ok, maybe three) of garlic, added shredded butter lettuce, a chopped up tomato, and more hot sauce. As fast and easy as chopping up a salad, only more fun to eat!

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